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Since 2007 we’ve been creating and building events. We used to be a jack-of-all-trades agency working for a variety of private and corporate clients.

We jumped into organising horse racing events in 2013 and gradually made this our core focus. We’ve become racing event specialists. The grand old stadiums, the long, chequered history of the sport, and the opportunities for us to create magic and do what we love, have proven to be a good fit.

We have built a new market for horse racing events by refusing to accept the status quo. By questioning the old ways while still embracing the history and traditions of the sport.

We love building worlds of fantasy and fun. We love trying new things. We fight for tolerance and freedom of expression. We use state of the art technology to experience live racing. And we love finding and showcasing the worlds most unusual musicians, artists and performers at our racing events.

We lead the #racingrevolution!



Equinity = Horse

Putting the horse back into horseracing.         People keep asking us; Equinity is mad and beautiful and brilliant, why don’t you host it outside of racing?

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