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We (Campbell + Campbell) are based in JHB and have done work through-our Africa. We believe in tackling the real issues that affect many of the people in South Africa and have been able to assist, empower, and finance many up-and-coming event companies and individuals through our event and racing projects.

If you have a new or small event or event management business or you are thinking of taking the leap and starting an event or business, then this workshop is for you.


Are you dealing with any of the following issues?

  • How to find your first or next client?
  • How to find sponsorship for an event?
  • How to find sponsorship for an event?
  • How do I start and build my own event?
  • What should I do about insurance, ticketing, security for my event?
  • How do I choose suppliers and how much should I pay them?
  • How can I advertise myself or my event so that I sell lots of tickets and get more work?
  • Where can I find information and help for running my business?

The Up-And-Coming Event Organisers Workshop will provide clear direction on how to tackle these elements head on.

The Workshop is a practical one-day development programme focusing on basic principles and techniques of event management. , whether for business meetings, corporate functions, gala events and conferences.


People who are fairly new in the event planning management profession and for those who get event planning and management assignments over and above their regular day to day responsibilities. The following people will benefit from attending this workshop:

  • Individuals who are thinking of starting an event management business
  • New event management companies or start-ups
  • Existing event management businesses looking to grow and find new clients or sponsors
  • Event owners who want to grow their brand
  • Those who want to start their own event projects
  • People working in companies who have been tasked with running events


The workshop will be presented in one day and will consist of presentations, interactive Q & A’s and visual presentations.

The following areas will be touched/focused on:

  • Finance and sponsorship
  • Advertising and marketing – how to grow your business or event
  • Logistics – how to avoid disaster and what to do when things go wrong
  • Brand – how to stand out from (the many!) other event companies
  • Logistics - Defining objectives and creating a plan
  • Client or sponsor management
  • Strategies on approaching sponsorship partners
  • You will also learn about the various responsibilities required and the qualities needed to be successful.


  • A Q + A by a young event coordinator sharing their experiences from their event management journey
  • An opportunity to apply host your own hospitality area at one of Gauteng`s biggest events
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments

Whats' in it for you?

You will learn more than you can imagine and will be inspired and energised to create and build your business or event. You will also have your eyes opened and will learn about what can go wrong and why it is vital that you get your act together.

What's in it for us?

We love to empower and educate but we are also looking for new suppliers and have 3 projects that offer opportunities for those who want to build their businesses. These workshops help us connect and evaluate our potential partners.


For more information or to register please contact the below:

Avela Khuluse
Event Workshop Manager

T: 011-7810439
E: avela@campbellandcampbell.co.za

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